Step 1 - Contact Us

Fill in the  "SELL MY HOUSE TODAY" form and the information will be forwarded to us.  This will help us analzye your situation. All information is kept strictly confidential. 

Step 2 -The Interview

Our first call will be strictly an information gathering call.  We'll need to get the details about your house, your mortgage, and your needs.  Usually, it will take us from 24 to 48 hours to do our initial research.  Normally, we are not able to make an offer on the first call.

Step 3 - Solution Proposal

Once we've completed our research, we'll call you back to schedule an appointment to meet with you and inspect your house.  When we inspect your house, we are usually able to make one or more offers for your house at that time. 

Step 4 - Your House Is SOLD

Then, within several days, or whenever you are ready, we will close at a title company or attorney's office.  It's that simple.