Do You Own An Unwanted House & Want To Sell?
  • Have an estate or probate to complete?
  • Have a vacant or unwanted house?
  • Have a house that needs updating or repairs?
  • Need to sell due to divorce?
  • Are you behind on your house payments?
  • Tired of tenants?
  • Are you facing foreclosure or bankruptcy?
  • Making unwanted house payments?

We Can Help You Avoid . . .
  • Struggling with the uncertainty of when your house will sell. 
  • Puttinng the house on the market & waiting for others.
  • Relying on an agent to perform or keep their promises
  • Doing fix up work to please a picky buyer
  • Becoming an unwannted landlord
  • Hoping a bank will approve a Buyer'sloan
  • Having a buyer back out at the last minute
  • Doing repairs identified by an inspection or appraisal
  • Worrying about a vacant house & related expenses
  • Making house payments you don't want to make or can't afford. 

Our Benefits To You
  • We use private funds so we can close when YOU want to!
  • We don't list houses, we BUY
  • No commissions or closing costs to pay
  • You don't hve to do any repairs.  We buy "as is"
  • You can leave any or all of your "Stuff"
  • We offer custom optionns that no one else will.

**The Sierra Group, LLC. is a member of the BBB**
Call Toll Free:  (800) 309-0753