4 Myths About Selling Your House To An Investor In Omaha

Selling a house directly to an investor comes with many misconceptions. People seem to have these ideas about what to expect based on stories they’ve heard or read about. But the fact of the matter is that most real estate investors are wonderful people, passionate about what they do. In our latest post, we will … Continued

Are You a Landlord With Non Performing Real Estate Rentals

Hi. I’m Ben Souchek with The Sierra Group, www.7DaysCash.com pro home buyers. Are you a landlord or someone that owns an unwanted property that you currently have rented out, maybe it’s not performing as well as you think it should? Or, maybe you have it with the wrong management company that just is not taking…

We Buy Problem Houses by The Sierra Group LLC 7 Days Cash

Hi, I’m Ben Souchek with The Sierra Group at 7DaysCash.com, and just wanted to let you know that one of our specialties is buying problem houses. Some companies only buy houses that are nicer, that don’t need much work, but we specialize in buying houses with problems. So whether there are code violations, needs a…

7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group LLC – We Buy Houses with Code Violations

Hi. I’m Ben Souchek with the Sierra Group and 7dayscash.com, professional home buyers. One of our specialties that we work with is houses with code violations. We get a number of calls, and have received a number of calls over the years, from owners that have been served notice by the local municipality, the local…

7 Days Cash We Are REAL Home Buyers not Wholesalers

Hi. I’m Ben Souchek with 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group. We are professional home buyers. The one question that I’ve run into recently from a number of home sellers is asking if we are a real home buying company or if we are a wholesaler, which typically just gets a house under contract…

Special Report

Special Report “How To Sell Your House In 7 Days Or Less!” We want to be up front and honest with you from the very beginning. The “secret” to selling your house in 7 days is that we’ll buy it. In fact, it is the ONLY way that you’ll be able to sell your house … Continued

Warning: 4 Things you Must Know when Selling a House

Thinking of selling your house?  There are a few items you must know to navigate the sometimes unknown road when selling a house.  Four of the most important are Real Estate agents, Appraisers, Home Buying companies, and Real Estate Valuation web sites. Real Estate Agents: Just like any industry, there are good agents and not … Continued