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#1 – Challenges To Selling Your House We Can Help You Avoid

The Sierra Group can help house sellers avoid challenges with selling a house such as;

  • Putting the house on the market and waiting for it to sell
  • Uncertainty of when it will sell
  • Relying on a real estate agent
  • Having to fix up the house or do other repairs for a picky buyer
  • Becoming an unwanted landlord
  • Hoping the bank will approve a buyers loan
  • Doing repairs identified by an inspection or appraiser
  • Worrying about a vacant house

#2 – Benefits We Offer Sellers

The Sierra Group can offer a house seller the following benefits when selling a house;

  • We use private funds so we can close when you want
  • We don’t list houses we Buy
  • You don’t have to do any repairs we buy as is
  • You can leave any or all of your ‘stuff’
  • We are flexible with moving and possession dates
  • We provide a stress free hassle free sale of your house

#3 – Realities Of Selling A House

The Need to Know Realities if you Want to Sell a House.
The Market Realities when Selling a House.
The Transaction Costs incurred when selling a house.

#4 – Transaction Costs To Sell A House

Transaction Costs to Sell a House Explained.

  • Marketing Costs
  • Buyers Discount
  • Seller Closing Costs
  • Buyer Closing Costs paid by the Seller
  • Repairs or Updating needed for the house

#5 – Where Do You Want To Get To By Selling Your House

What is your present situation and where do you want to get to with the sale of your house?
Do you want to get to a housing option better fitted to your current lifestyle?

#6 – The Bottom Line To Selling Your House

The Sierra Group Professional Home Buyers can provide you with the right Solution.
What is it worth to Sell on Your Date of Choice, Sell ‘As Is’, No Inspections or Repairs, You Control the Sale of Your House?