5 Disadvantages of Selling Your Omaha NE Area House To An Online Buyer

5 Disadvantages of Selling Your House in Omaha To An Online Buyer

iBuyers are the newest thing to hit the real estate market. However, it’s important that you are aware of the disadvantages of selling your house in the Omaha area to an online buyer.

Many of the iBuyers, or direct home buyers, coming on to the scene are getting attention due to their brand familiarity and promise of convenience. However, working with iBuyers doesn’t guarantee you will get a fair price.

At The Sierra Group, we can buy your house faster than an iBuyer would, but we are local buyers and real estate professionals that have been providing solutions to home sellers for more than 20 years, not a massive corporate machine that is solely after profits.

For homeowners who need to sell their homes fast and want to utilize the convenience of a direct sale, working with a local cash home buying company like The Sierra Group might be the solution you need.

When you work with an iBuyer, the process isn’t personalized. The iBuyer doesn’t know the neighborhood or the market the way a local home buyer does. They will just throw out a number and move onto the next property. You won’t be able to negotiate or explain what makes your house unique. They rely on what public data says about your house and go from there.

An iBuyer isn’t there to help you reach your goals, they are there to buy as inexpensively as possible in order to turn a profit for their corporation. When you work with The Sierra Group, you will have a team that is ready to help you.

We listen to your goals and what you need from the sale. Our job is to help you achieve those goals while helping you with the transition to a new home in any way we can.

Working with an iBuyer doesn’t typically provide the profits you might think. They tend to make generalized, blanket offers, without much thought regarding the details of the property.

The draw of working with an iBuyer is that the process may be fast and convenient. Most iBuyers are trying to acquire your property for as little as possible, but they usually do it pretty quickly.

If you want to sell your house fast, but still want an offer that is reasonable, it’s best to work with a local professional home buyer like The Sierra Group, as opposed to a big corporation. Working with a company like The Sierra Group will help you sell quickly, to someone who cares about getting you out of your current situation and on to a better life.

Just like working with a real estate agent, working with an iBuyer can cost you more money than you would think. Selling your house to an iBuyer can cost you over 12% of the sale price in fees alone. There are often other hidden fees to contend with as well as cancellation charges.

Because you are usually at the mercy of the iBuyer when it comes to scheduling, many homeowners find that they have to rent a place until they are able to close on a new home. This means even more money out the door spent on fees and deposits. 

When The Sierra Group buys a house, the seller is sometimes able to stay in their house for up to 90 days so that the transition to their new home is much smoother and saves thousands of dollars.

Just like working with an agent, working with an iBuyer will subjugate you to inspections, appraisals, and possibly the need to make repairs. Sure, you may be able to get an offer fast, but you will still have to wait while the iBuyer does their homework on the property.

With a direct sale to The Sierra Group, you won’t have to jump through all of the hoops sellers often have to jump through. Instead, you will be able to get an offer and collect your cash in only a matter of days, or on YOUR date of choice.

While iBuyers might seem like the next big thing, their services are still quite limited. They typically only purchase houses in select cities, and even then, properties have to meet specific criteria. They usually will need to be a certain size, without repairs or upgrades required. If your house does meet the location, condition, and size criteria, the iBuyer is still going to try to acquire your property for as little as possible.

While working with an iBuyer may seem like a great solution for those who need to sell a house fast in Omaha, there are some things you need to be aware of. Make sure to run the numbers for yourself, so you can make the right decision about how to sell. A listing may net more money in the long run, but will take much longer than a direct sale to a professional home buyer.

An iBuyer has the funds to buy and the big name to attract more people. And a local professional home buying company like The Sierra Group can provide you the personalized attention of an Omaha real estate agent while offering the convenience of an iBuyer!

7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, LLC has been buying houses direct from sellers for more than 20 years.  Unlike many companies that have popped up in recent years, we are a “real” home buying company.

We don’t “wholesale” houses, where the company tells a home seller that they can buy the home (without any real ability or intention), but once they get a contract, the company then tries to sell that contract to a company or person that actually has the funds to close and purchase the property.

We are a Veteran owned company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  We invite you to check us out, and learn why hundreds of other home sellers have made the choice to trust the sale of a house to The Sierra Group, LLC.

Let us help you learn about the benefits and the disadvantages of selling your house to an online buyer in Omaha, Nebraska! Contact us today for more information! (402)-291-5005

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