Do You Want To Sell A House You Inherited

Have you recently inherited a house and now are looking for a way to sell and liquidate the asset before it turns into a liability?

My name is Ben Souchek and I am with Home Downsizing Solutions and 7 Days Cash, Pro Home Buyers. Our company buys houses direct from sellers and the benefits that we can offer to you if you have inherited a house is we buy without the seller needing to do any repairs or updates. You can sell completely as-is.

You do not need to remove any of the stuff that may be in the house. If you want to sell some of the items, give away some of the items, that’s fine. But if there are things in the house that you just don’t want to worry about, just leave them in the house and we can take care of it. We buy truly as-is houses.

You don’t need to worry about buying a home warranty for a buyer with us. Again, we would buy without one. We do our own inspections so there’s no whole house inspection to worry about unless it’s a case of extreme foundation repairs or something like that. But otherwise we would buy without home warranties or home inspections.

One of the best benefits that people like is the fact that we are true local cash buyers. We are not someone that would come in and get a contract on your house to buy it and push that date off until three or four weeks until a person finds a real buyer.

There are some people out in the market currently called wholesalers, essentially that’s what they do. They get a contract on a house and once they do that they have really no ability to buy the house themselves. They just look for a real buyer.

With us, with Home Downsizing Solutions and 7 Days Cash Pro Home Buyers, we are a real buyer. We can close in a few days. The only thing that slows us up is to have the title company check title and prepare the closing documents for the transaction and we’re ready to wire funds.

Literally, we’ve bought houses within 24 hours of getting a purchase agreement signed in the past.

If we can be of assistance and of a benefit to you, if you have inherited a house and are looking to sell, please go to and let us know how we can help. Thank you.

7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, LLC has been buying houses direct from sellers for more than 20 years.  Unlike many companies that have popped up in recent years, we are a “real” home buying company, not “wholesalers.”

We are a Veteran owned company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  We invite you to check us out, and learn why hundreds of other home sellers have made the choice to trust the sale of a house to 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group.

Do You Want to Sell a House You Inherited

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