Sell My House In Omaha Nebraska

Sell My House In Omaha Nebraska
Ben Souchek:

Do you have a house in Omaha, Nebraska that you would like to sell?

My name is Ben Souchek. I’m with The Sierra Group Pro Home Buyers and am working with a person this week that was looking to sell his house in the Omaha Nebraska area. He tried to call a couple of agents. He tried to call another home buying company. And when I asked him today, why he decided to work with my company, he basically said, well, nobody else called me back.

And I thought that was a very odd thing because he had a nice house in a nice part of the Omaha Metro area, and a very sellable house that I would think most agents would’ve been almost giddy to list and market for him.

He also wanted to utilize some of the benefits that my company can offer, which is he wanted something to be done quick.

He’s moving out of the area and wanted to be able to do that on his timeline. And he just didn’t want to go through some of the challenges of getting the house in show ready condition, and dealing with showings and dealing with a traditional buyers in that sense. So he did appreciate those benefits that I could offer to him also.

Those are some of the primary benefits that my company offers, in that we buy houses as is. A person doesn’t need to worry about any updates or repairs to a house. If there’s any stuff in the house, they don’t need to worry about getting a dumpster and removing all of the stuff. So if you have a house and would need to hire a clean out company or spend the money for a dumpster, you certainly don’t have to do that with our company.

We can buy it with or with without the stuff. You don’t have to worry about getting it in a show ready condition.

Don’t have to worry about phone calls from agents to show the house in maybe some inopportune times that would bother your daily schedule, your family schedule.

And you don’t have to worry about a traditional buyer doing a whole house inspection or appraisal, which typically turns up deficiencies that the potential buyer will use as a reason to try and renegotiate the offer once they already have that with a seller.

One of the benefits that he liked also, is we’re going to close and fund today, but he wanted a few extra days to be able to get things all packed up and moved. So we’ve worked out a deal where he’ll be able to do that. He doesn’t have to rush and get everything out of the house immediately. He can take his time.

So those are some of the reasons and some of the benefits why people choose to work with my company, when they want to sell their house in the Omaha Nebraska area.

And he certainly felt also that he could trust our company. He looked at our website, and after talking to myself and other members of my team, (we have a lot of experience) I’ve been buying houses in the Omaha Metro area for more than 24 years at this point, so he knew that he could trust us, especially looking at our other reviews as well.

So if you have a house in the Omaha Nebraska area and are looking to sell your house in an easy, convenient way to relieve some of the hassles and stress that can come with selling a house, then just give us a call or just go to our website at And we’d be able, or we’d be happy to help you out in any way that we can. Thank you.

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