We Buy Kansas City Northland Houses

Are you a Kansas City Northland homeowner, and are thinking that you want or need to sell your house in the near future?

My name is Ben Souchek, I’m with The Sierra Group, Seven Days Cash, pro home buyers, and we’ve been buying houses for over 20 plus years as a cash home buyer and have been buying houses in the Kansas city area for over 12 years. So if you’re looking for a trusted cash buying home buying company, then we can certainly help you out.

We Buy Kansas City Northland Houses

The reasons that people work with us, that sell a house to us, is that we allow you the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to sell your house.

You do not have to do any repairs or updates, you can sell the house completely “as is”, you do not have to worry about showings or getting the house ready for showings or keeping the house in show ready condition.

You do not have to worry about people coming in and out of your house with who knows what intent these days. We would be the only ones coming into your house to inspect your house initially, and can typically make you an offer at that point.

You do not have to worry about whole house inspections, which give a traditional buyer a way to renegotiate their agreement with you.

We do not have to do any appraisal as a traditional buyer would do, which again, if the appraiser identifies some deficiencies with your house, that’s an area where that buyer can then renegotiate with you as well at that point.

If there’s any stuff in the house that you just don’t care about, we can take care of that as well. We allow you to take the things you want to take, sell the things you want to sell, and leave whatever is left so that you don’t have to worry about any unneeded items that you just don’t care about and moving to your new home.

We can close on the date of your choice, whether that’s within just a few days of signing an agreement or a few months. So whenever it’s convenient for you, we can accommodate that.

We can even typically allow you to stay in your house after we close. So if it’s a situation where you want to sell the house and want to have that off your plate, but your new home or new apartment is not quite ready for you to move into, we can allow you to stay in the house and then make that transition according to your schedule.

So, if we can help you out, please check us out at 7dayscash.com and I would be more than happy to see how we can help you make that transition to your new home. Thank you.

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