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Thinking of Selling Your House?

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You’d Like To Sell Your House, But Where Do You Start?

  • What is my house worth?
  • What do I need to do before I can sell my house?
  • What is the best solution to sell my house?
  • How can I find a TRUSTED Real Estate Professional?

Finally! A Solution…

From: Ben Souchek
RE: Selling Your House
Dear Home Seller, if you want to sell your house and downsize without hassles, without stress, and sell on the date of your choice, or even if you just want to explore your options for selling your house and transitioning to a new home, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year! Here’s why…..

“….. professionalism and efficiency.”

When we decided at our advanced age, to downsize and sell our home after 44 years of wonderful memories, we were overwhelmed! Home Downsizing Solutions had been recommended to us, and as soon as we had our first contact with Ben Souchek, we knew that we had made the right decision. He personally handled the entire transaction… (having the house inspected) and explaining each step through closing, which went quickly, with terms and cash exactly as agreed upon, and with almost no effort on our part. Another big plus was allowing us to stay in our home for two months while making decisions on what “treasures” to take with us and what to leave behind… we were impressed with your company’s professionalism and efficiency.
Judy & Bob K.

Here’s How 7 Days Cash™ by The Sierra Group, LLC Can Assist You With Your Next Move……

Ben Souchek founder/owner of Home Downsizing Solutions

My name is Ben Souchek and I’m the owner and CEO of Home Downsizing Solutions and 7 Days Cash, by The Sierra Group, LLC – Pro Home Buyers.

I created The Sierra Group, LLC, over 20 years ago. We have purchased hundreds of houses direct from sellers and assisted hundreds of other owners with a traditional sale of their house.

After providing solutions for hundreds and hundreds of house sellers, I DISCOVERED A SECRET!

The problem with most traditional real estate agents and home buying companies is that they only offer one solution to a home seller. This bias is not in YOUR best interest.

That’s why we’ve come up with a better solution to serve you better!

Our affiliated agents’ In-Home Pre-Sale Consultation and Evaluation will provide the peace of mind home sellers like you want and deserve, and provide a selling solution that is right for you.

Taking action now will give you the information you need to relax and have the peace of mind knowing you are moving in the right direction to sell your house and move on.

  • You’ll know and understand the value of your house in the current market environment.
  • You’ll understand how potential buyers will look at your house, and what they look for.
  • You’ll understand exactly what your options are to sell your house and the best solution for your specific situation.
  • You’ll know exactly what your options to sell your house are, and will be able to get your house sold stress and hassle-free.
  • You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you are in CONTROL of the sale of your house.

“….. no problem in recommending you.”

When it became apparent that I needed to move I looked at using a real estate agent but found that this could, based on the current market, take a possible extended duration of time. In talking with the people at John Knox Village, your name and company were suggested as a possible way to shorten the needed time for sale. I checked the internet for current real estate selling price in my area to find a possible sale price. I then checked with your company concerning the possible sale of my house.
Shortly after contacting you a member of your staff (company) came to my house for a walkthrough. He was very courteous and professional.

Your quote was within the parameters I had determined in my study of real estate agent sale. The major selling point was the very short period needed to complete the sale of my house.

The second selling point was that there were no showings required and the repairs that would be required to obtain the money in hand I wanted would be done by you with no involvement required on my part.

The third selling point was your involvement and professionalism shown to me on all occasions. Would also note that all promises made by you & your company were met.

I have no problem in recommending you & your company to anyone. Thank you.
-Carl C.

  • When you have sold your house, think about how good it will feel to be in your new home.
  • When your house is sold, think of how much better your life will be to enjoy, than worrying about your house.
  • See yourself enjoying your new home and knowing that 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, LLC was able to make the transition stress and hassle-free.

Here’s the Bottom Line……

You get the 7 Days Cash In-Home Consultation & Evaluation Package For Just $47… FREE!
What do you receive for $47? FREE!

Bonus #1: $25 Gift Certificate for Moving Supplies
Real Value: $25
Bonus #2: Secrets to Downsizing Your House book
Real Value: $9
Bonus #3: Home Value Market Analysis
Real Value: $50 – $97
Bonus #4: Home Staging Consultation
Real Value: $97 – $297
Bonus #5: $450 Home Warranty Voucher – For Your Buyer*
Bonus #6: $450 Home Warranty Voucher – For Your Next Home*
Bonus #7: $250 Moving Party Voucher*
Bonus #8: $1,000 Dumpster Rental Voucher*
Bonus #9: $1,000 Moving Expense Voucher*

As you can see, this package has a total potential value of between $3,331 and $3,578 ….. and its all yours when you act now!

The Package is hand-delivered right to your house by one of our affiliated agents that will conduct your consultation and evaluation.
And, its entirely FREE when you use the services of 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group or one of our affiliated agents.

*** Not all houses will qualify for all bonuses. Ask about details for your specific house. Some Bonuses only applicable if we Buy your house.

What Would Your Life Look Like If Your House Was SOLD

What if you didn’t have to worry about house repairs and maintenance?

What if you didn’t have to worry about mowing a lawn or other yard work?

What if the cost of utilities were lower?

And what if the transition to this better lifestyle was stress and hassle-free?

What IF……. Life Was Better……

Bonus #1: $25 Gift Certificate

A $25 Gift Certificate for moving supplies.

One thing you will need, no matter how you sell your house, are boxes, bubble wrap, etc. This will help with those expenses.

Bonus #2: Home Value Market Analysis

Home Value Market Analysis (Value $50 + )

A Home Value Market Analysis will provide you with the approximate value of your house in its current condition as well as the potential value if your house is in need of repairs or updates.

Bonus #3: Home Staging Consultation

Home Staging Consultation (Value $97 + )

A Home Staging Consultation will provide you with detailed information on how potential buyers will see and perceive your house, and the items that could or should be repaired or updated to bring the house up to its full potential.
We will also provide ideas on how to prepare your house for sale for effective showings.

Bonus #1 (Worth $450)*:

— One Year Home Warranty – For Your Buyer —

One Year Home Warranty for your Buyer

Whenever a house is sold to a traditional Buyer, that Buyer will typically always ask the Seller to pay for a one year home warranty. When you utilize a Home Downsizing Solutions affiliated agent to sell and market your house, we will pay up to $450 for the one year home warranty for your Buyer.

Bonus #2 (Worth $450)*:

— One Year Home Warranty – For Your New Home —

One Year Home Warranty for your new home

When you utilize a Home Downsizing Solutions affiliated agent to buy your new home, we will pay up to $450 for a one year home warranty for you.

Bonus #3 (Worth $250)*:

— Moving Party Voucher —

Moving Party Voucher

When a Home Downsizing Solutions affiliated company buys your house or an affiliated agent markets and sells your house, we will provide up to $250 for a moving party to welcome you to your new home.

Bonus #4 (Worth up to $1,000)*:

— Dumpster Rental Voucher —

Dumpster Rental Voucher

When a 7 Days Cash affiliated company buys your house, we will include up to $1,000 for the expense of renting a dumpster and cleaning out your house.

Bonus #5 (Worth up to $1,000)*:

— Moving Expense Voucher —

Moving Expense Voucher

When a 7 Days Cash affiliated company buys your house, we will include up to $1,000 for the expense of a moving company.

Extra Bonus: Agent Incentives

** Special Agent Incentives **

When the affiliated Evaluation and Consultation Agent arrives, they will bring additional incentives and vouchers applicable to their area when possible.

  • Voucher for Moving Supplies
  • Home Inspection Services
  • Dumpster or house Clean Out Services

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Remember, Home Downsizing Solutions and 7 Days Cash is the solution to your next move…

-Ben Souchek

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Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The PACKAGE Offer!

  • $25 Moving Supplies Gift Certificate & Downsizing book ($34 Value)
  • ​Free Home Value Market Analysis ($50+ Value)
  • Free Home Staging & Sale Preparation Consultation ($97+ Value)
  • ​$450 Home Warranty voucher – for Your Buyer ($450 Value)*
  • ​$450 Home Warranty voucher – for Your Next Home ($450 Value)*
  • $250 Moving Party voucher ($250 Value)*
  • $1,000 Dumpster Rental Voucher ($1,000 Value)*
  • $1,000 Moving Expense Voucher ($1,000 Value)*

* These items only available if you utilize services of our
affiliated real estate agent to market and sell your house.
The home must qualify for bonuses. Ask Agent for Details.
Services not available in all areas or for all houses.

** Services are currently available in these geographic areas:
(If you live outside of these areas, please inquire, as we are adding new areas all the time)
Lincoln, NE / Omaha, NE / Kansas City
Metro areas

Total Value: $3,322

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