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Stop Low Ball Offers!

Are you thinking of selling your house and trying to determine if one of those “cash home buyers,” “we buy houses,” or “investor” guys might be the right option for you?

Are you asking yourself questions like…..

How do I know if these guys are real?

How do I know if they can actually buy my house for cash, and close when I want them to?

How do I know they will pay a fair price and NOT Low Ball me?

How do I know if they are a wholesaler?

Are you thinking……

How Can I Sell My House For A Fair Price…
And NOT Let Someone Steal My House?

My name is Ben Souchek, and I’m the Owner and CEO of The Sierra Group Home Buyers.

I created The Sierra Group, LLC over 25+ years ago. My company has purchased hundreds of houses direct from sellers.

If you want to sell your house without hassles, without stress, and sell on the date of your choice, and want a fair price for your house, you’re in the right place!

In Today’s Real Estate Market…
There Are A Lot Of “We Buy Houses Guys”…
That Are Just Not ‘Real’ !

Unfortunately, with the current real estate market, combined with today’s technology, the “barrier of entry” for someone to say they are a “cash home buyer” is VERY low.

Today, someone is able to easily create a web page, put an ad online, and make it look like they are a home buying company.

However, as more and more home sellers are finding out, there is a big difference between a “real” home buying company, and someone… or company… that just looks like or says they are! These companies are what are called wholesalers.

An Entire Industry Scheming AGAINST Home Sellers

Can I let you in on a not so little secret?

Right now, there’s an entire industry that teaches new and experienced “investors” how to “buy houses.”

Some of these teaching methods aren’t so beneficial, especially for you, the home owner and seller.

There are groups of “investors,” or wholesalers, that do nothing but plot and scheme how to get a contract to purchase your house, and then market that contract and HOPE they can find someone that will actually close and purchase the house, without having any recourse if things don’t go exactly right. If they don’t find a buyer for their contract, they don’t close, which can leave you, the Seller, in a very bad situation.

There are even groups of “investors” that are so bold in their scheming that they refer to themselves as “cartels” !!

They discuss how to threaten sellers that have signed an agreement to sell their house to one of these companies, not knowing what these companies were doing with their property, and then change their mind about doing business with that unethical company.

They don’t care about you, the home owner / seller. Their only concern is how many deals they can do and how much money they can make. They want to brag to their buddies how great they are!

The Sierra Group, LLC has been buying houses for CASH for more than 25+ years. We are fast, convenient, reliable, and care about providing you a great experience – if you want to sell your house. Get to know us and see why hundreds of house sellers have utilized our services!

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Better Business Bureau

“As we embark on a new phase in our lives, we have Ben and The Sierra Group to thank for this blessing. We have sold three homes and have never been treated with such an informative and caring way as Ben exudes. He saved us so much grief (going through the regular real estate procedures). Ben’s way and the highway was the best way.” – Gordon H.

Our offers are based on the market value of your house. And although we’ve purchased hundreds of houses over the past 25+ years, we know the only thing that matters, is what we can do for you, to provide the best value and service for your unique situation.

No matter what your situation or the condition of your property, even if an agent wasn’t able to or didn’t want to sell it, we can still BUY your house. Just fill out the form on this page or give us a call at (402)-291-5005 to see how easy it can be to sell your house to us!

We Offer A Better, Faster, & Easier Way

No Agent Fees or Commissions, No Closing Costs, No Repairs or Updates Needed
Take the Items You Want and Leave the “Stuff” You Don’t

We can typically provide multiple offers to Buy Your House, and will do all we can to ensure that one is just right for you!

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ben Souchek in helping my father sell his home. Ben was very professional and his kindness and understanding made everything easier for my father and me. Thank you very much, Ben.”


Get A Fair Cash Offer! Get Started Now...

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7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, LLC is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We purchase homes locally, and in many other parts of the country such as Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa & Florida! For the past 25+ years, we have been helping people by purchasing their homes directly! In addition, we are licensed realtors in Nebraska and Missouri. We understand the process and the local markets, allowing you to receive the best service and the best all-cash price for your home! We are Veteran Owned, and hold an A+ rating with The BBB!