Top 7 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Home

Questions to Ask When Thinking of Selling My Home
Questions to Ask When Thinking of Selling My Home

Do you want to move or need to sell your home? Not sure where to start or what you need to consider? Here are 7 “must ask” questions when you are considering selling your home:

If your house hasn’t been updated in the last 7 to 10 years or so, most buyers will be expecting updates to be made before they are willing to consider the home. And, if they are willing to consider buying the home “as is,” their offer will certainly take into account an amount to bring it up to its potential value.

A typical buyer will expect that your home is clean and move in ready or close to move in ready. Some home owners will hire companies to help you sort through things and discard items that you no longer need or want. Many home owners also end up having to pay for a dumpster rental or a company to come in and remove the unwanted items.

Closings costs are traditionally divided between the buyer and seller. However, buyers typically ask the seller to pay for some or all of their closing costs including the buyer’s loan costs and fees, along with a one year home warranty. These are negotiable, but if the buyers requests are not met, some will just move on to the next home on the market to see if another seller is more motivated to sell.

Typically when a home is sold, the buyer wants possession of the house the same day. This can create an inconvenience if a seller wants to make sure their home is sold before moving or even looking for a new place to move to. Sometimes a seller needs funds from the sale of their home to move or purchase a new residence.

Having a buyer that can actually get financing and close in a timely manner can be a challenge. Almost all home purchase agreements have a contingency based on a buyer getting financing with a particular rate and terms. Often the sale of your home is completely dependent upon the buyers’ lender.

Even so called “cash buyers” often turn out to be no real buyer at all. “Wholesalers” will tell you that they can buy your house, but actually have no intent or ability to BUY your house. After these individuals or companies get a contract to buy a house, they will shop that contract to try to find a “real” buyer that actually has the funds to close and buy the home.

In situations like these, the house can still be sold. Although, there can be legal items that may need to be taken care of before the sale can be completed. There are times that typical buyers do not want to wait for these legal items to be resolved or deal with the uncertainties of them.

Listing a home with an agent on the MLS and having the house exposed to the market is sometimes a good solution. However, there are a number of considerations to take into account: Do I want to make repairs or updates to my home to be competitive on the market? Do I want to keep the home in show ready condition and be prepared for agents to call at any time of the day with potential buyers that may or may not be serious about buying? Am I prepared for the “net” amount from the sale of the house to be much less than what the agent originally tells me it will be? If a potential buyer makes an offer on my home, am I prepared for further negotiations and demands after a whole house inspection and appraisal is conducted?

Depending on your situation, what you would ideally like to see happen, and if the benefits we provide are of value or enough value to you, we may be just the right option to get your house sold!

** The Sierra Group buys houses “as is” so you won’t have the hassle and expense of updating and repairing your home.

** We buy houses with or without “stuff.” You can take the things you want to take, sell the things you want to sell, and leave the rest.

** We pay for all of the closing costs and fees, and do not charge any commissions.

** When The Sierra Group buys a house, we can be very flexible with closing and possession dates. We can purchase the house so the seller knows the home is sold, and allow the seller to remain in the home for sometimes up to 90 days so that they can make the transition to their new home or apartment as stress and hassle free as possible. This eliminates the hassle and worry of inconvenient moving dates or having to move twice in some circumstances. And in most cases, we even pay up to $1,000 for moving expenses.

** The Sierra Group is a CASH BUYER. We have access to private funds which allows us to buy a house as soon as the title company has checked title and prepares the closing paperwork. Typically in as little as 3 or 4 days, or we can close on YOUR date of choice.

** The Sierra Group has a great deal of experience with estate, probate, and medicaid situations where a house needs to be sold. In some cases, we have even paid for the legal costs involved to provide a clear title in order to complete the sale of the house.

When The Sierra Group BUYS your home, we eliminate all of the unknowns and uncertainties of the sale. We do everything we can to make this a stress and hassle free experience.

If your property qualifies, we can usually provide a firm written offer within 48 hours. We’ll be 100% direct, clear, and honest with you from start to finish. We can close in just a few days and pay cash. We handle all of the paperwork and make all the arrangements to make the sale of your home stress free.

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