Is Selling Your House For Cash A Good Idea?

When you’re selling your house, there are a few ways to go about it, and there is no one way that is right or wrong, but there are ways that are right – for your situation.  Selling your house to a cash home buyer is one of these options.  

Every home seller would like to sell their house for cash without having to put it on the market, but the benefits of selling to a cash home buyer aren’t always of enough value to make that the best option.

So What Are The Benefits Of Selling A House For Cash?

#1.  Selling A House For Cash Is Fast

When you sell a house for cash to 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, you’re on the fast track to getting the house off of your hands.  You can close as quickly as the title company can get the paperwork ready, and there’s no waiting for the buyer to get a loan.  In a typical circumstance when home buyers need to get a loan to purchase a house, there’s a home inspection and appraisal process that must be completed first before the bank will hand out the loan.  

In both of these scenarios it can take a long period of time, or worse, result in you having to make expensive repairs before being able to sell.  

That is not the case with 7 Days Cash.  There’s no home inspection, no appraisal, and no need to do anything to sell your house.

We do a walk-through of the house, look for what will need to be done to bring it up to its “full potential” condition, and make you a cash offer.  The selling process couldn’t be easier.

#2.  Condition Of The House Doesn’t Matter

This is a major benefit for why selling a house for cash is better than the alternative.  Let’s say that you know the house needs repairs and/or updates, but you either can’t physically take care of them or can’t afford to pay for them – that’s okay!  We can buy your house “as is.”

And this doesn’t just mean if your roof is sagging or if wallpaper is peeling.  This also means if you have an old car that won’t run sitting in the backyard – you don’t have to haul it away.  If you have furniture in the house that you can’t or don’t want to move, then we’ll take care of it.  We can buy your house no matter what condition it’s in, and make you a fair cash offer.

#3. You Don’t Need To Keep It Ready For Showing

When your house is on the market with a traditional real estate agent and you’re trying to entice potential buyers to buy your house, you have to get and keep your house in impeccable condition.  It always has to look its best because the real estate agent could call at any time and tell you they’ll be dropping by with potential buyers in half an hour.  Your house always has to look show ready, and not lived in.

Further, real estate agents recommend that you “stage” your house, meaning that you rearrange the furniture, and change the pictures on the walls, sometimes they even want you to rent nicer furniture – all so that when they show your house it will look as perfect as possible.

Not only is this staging and showing process very difficult to keep up, especially if trying to find a buyer drags out for months, it can also be expensive.

When you sell your house to a cash home buyer, you don’t need to worry about any of that.  Cash home buyers are going to purchase your house “as is,” even if the furniture is old and worn, the carpets are dated and not cleaned, and the house needs new paint.  We’ll buy it and take the hassles off your hands.

How Much Are The Closing Costs On A Cash Deal?

7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group pays all of the closing costs, so when we make you an offer, there are no hidden costs to surprise you.  Closing costs vary from state to state, but are usually 2-3% of the sale price of a transaction, which we take into account when making our offer to you.  

The offer that we make to you will be the amount of the final check that we hand over to you.  If we give you a quote for $250,000, then the amount for the closing costs have already been calculated into that, and you won’t have to pay a dime for them.

What Is A Case Study for A Cash Sale With 7 Days Cash?

One example of the reason that 7 Days Cash is so useful is the story of three siblings who were all coming into town to close up their father’s affairs.  Their mother had passed away and the father could no longer take care of the house and needed medical care that required him to move closer to his children.

The three siblings were going to be in town for just a single week to get everything settled.  Ben met with them on a Tuesday, walked through the house and was able to make them an offer that day.  The family accepted the offer and signed the paperwork that afternoon.

They closed Thursday, and by Friday morning they had their funds and were on their way with their father back to Arizona.  From walk through to cash in hand was three days!

Best of all, they didn’t have to do anything with the house.  They didn’t have to try to sell all of their father’s furniture or clean out the overgrown backyard.  They merely packed up the items they wanted to take, and left the rest.

Are There Any Downsides to Selling Your House For Cash?

For starters, if the service that we provide is what you need – that is, if the benefits of selling your house quickly, for cash, in its as is condition, is something that can really help you, as it has hundreds of other sellers, then there really is no downside.

As for perceived downsides, some people think there must be a catch, because this is such a simple process.  Some people even ask if it is illegal to sell a house to a cash home buyer.  Well, it is very much legal.  The only possible downside is that you may get a smaller amount for your house if you sell this way, because of all of the benefits that 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group is providing.

When we buy a house, we understand that there may be problems with the house, the risks and costs associated with these potential problems, costs to clean up and/or clean out the house, the costs to access funds quickly, etc.

How do You Know You Can Trust 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group?

Aside from the incredible number of testimonials we have on our website from people who have been greatly helped by this process, Ben is a licensed real estate agent, and takes doing what is in the best interest of a seller into account when working with house sellers.  That’s something you do not see in many home buying companies, which lack the fundamental real estate knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

Further, Ben is a veteran, and he takes that very seriously, especially when he works with veterans who are selling their houses.  He respects their service and wants to honor them with a respectful transaction and relationship.

Finally, if you’re dealing with any cash home buying company that you’re not familiar with, ask them for a proof of funds letter as well as contact information of their closing company, so you can confirm they can actually close and do what they tell you then can do.

Ben has even written a book about the process, as clear as possible, which can be found at Ben, almost to his detriment, tries to educate people and wants to be extremely transparent, so you can make the best house selling decision to fit your specific situation.

When its time to consider selling your house, sell your house in 7 days or less with 7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group.

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