How To Sell A Nebraska House With Tax Liens or Back Taxes

How To Sell A Nebraska House With Tax Liens or Back Taxes

How To Sell A House With Tax Liens or Back Taxes
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How To Sell A House With Tax Liens or Back Taxes

Do you have a house or other property that has back taxes or tax liens against it, and there’s a chance of it going to a tax sale or more back taxes being accumulated against the property?

Would you like to sell and liquidate that property before any of that happens and get the benefits out of the property financially instead of creating a bigger liability?

My name is Ben Souchek and I’m with The Sierra Group and We are a direct cash home buyer.

My company has been in business for more than 20 years providing home buying services for individuals in situations just like this.

We’ve worked with numerous individuals that had a Nebraska house or other property that had tax liens against and wanted to liquidate that property before any more taxes accumulated, or they even potentially lost a property to a tax sale.

Benefits We Can Offer Home Sellers

The main benefits that we can offer to you is, we are a cash home buyer and we buy property “as is”.

You do not have to worry about doing any updates or repairs to the property.

You can sell the house completely as is.

If it has stuff in the house that you don’t want or don’t care about, just leave it and we will take care of it.

You don’t have to worry about putting the house on the market in a traditional manner if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to worry about getting it show ready or sale ready like a traditional sale would typically require a person to do.

Even with back taxes, we can buy the property.

Sell Your Nebraska Property On YOUR Date Of Choice

We can buy according to your schedule, whether that’s very quickly or not. If you have a deadline that you need to meet, we can typically do that.

The only thing that slows us down in our buying process, is a title company would need to check title and prepare the final closing paperwork. As soon as that’s done, we can close. Sometimes that can happen as quickly as 24 hours after we have an agreement on a house. We can work very quickly.

If you are located in another place besides where the property is, in another city or state even, and it’s inconvenient for you to give back to the local area where the property is, my company or the title company can send the paperwork to you so that you don’t have to worry about making that additional travel and the inconvenience of that.

We Do Everything We Can To Make Selling A House Easy

We want do whatever we can to make it as easy, stress and hassle free to sell your Nebraska property, even with tax liens on, and get the benefit from the property instead it just becoming a bigger liability.

If we can assist you with one of our solutions to sell your property, please let us know. I would be happy to try and assist you in any way that we can and look forward to doing that. Thank you very much.

7 Days Cash by The Sierra Group, LLC is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We purchase homes locally, and in many other parts of the country such as Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas & Florida! For the past 20+ years, we have been helping people by purchasing their homes direct! In addition, we are licensed realtors in Nebraska and Missouri. We understand the process and the local markets, allowing you to receive the best service and the best all-cash price for your home! We are Veteran Owned, and hold an A+ rating with The BBB!

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